SNOOP’S PREMIUM NUTRIENTS YUMMY YIELD is a unique growth promoter which aids photosynthesis throughout the entire life cycle as well as flower growth in the bloom phase. SNOOP’S PREMIUM NUTRIENTS YUMMY YIELD also helps regulate the opening and closing of the stomata allowing efficient water use.

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Yummy Yield contains a naturally occurring metabolic activator made up of a revolutionary mixture of natural ingredients, which activate a plant’s biological tissues. It’s a natural enhancer that improves a plants genetic potential and therefore increases its resistance to insect infestation. The results are improved quality and yield.

Yummy Yield is 100% non-toxic. It is completely biodegradable and doesn’t leave any toxic residual in crops.

Another feature of Yummy Yield is it acts as chelating agent allowing nutrient uptake in less than optimum pH ranges. It contains a wide variety of major trace elements and amino acids as well stimulating micro organisms therefore increasing the permeability of plants membranes. This improves nutrient uptake via both roots and leaves. A better uptake of magnesium and iron leads to increased cholorophyll production. Increased levels of chlorophyll mean increased levels of plant photosynthesis, and this results in an increased levels of sugar (energy) present in the plant. It is this sugar-surplus which ensures a better crop. Better uptake of calcium and silicon results in stronger plant cell walls. Stronger cell walls ensure that the plant can withstand wider fluctuations in environmental conditions without cells rupturing.

Increased levels of chlorophyll production can be seen if leaves fed with Yummy Yield are compared to those that have not been fed with Yummy Yield. The treated leaf will look thicker and greener. Chlorophyll levels can also be read using a Brix meter/Refractometer. These meters measure the sugar content in the leaf. Improved nutrient uptake also makes the plant more tolerant to an overly-wet/saturated substrate.

Yummy Yield and Radical Roots have been formulated to work in conjunction with each other i.e. they enhance each other’s behavior. We recommend that you use them together.


– Suitable for use with all substrates and feeding systems.

– Add 4ml of Yummy Yield per gallon of water (1ml per litre). Use throughout the entire lifecycle.

– Store out of direct light.


1L, 5L, 10L & 20L.


Download Snoop’s Premium Nutrients feeding charts for Coco, Hydro & Soil right here.


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